What we do

What we do

Exhibition Islam is an independent, UK based organisation that specialises in the development and delivery of Islamic faith exhibitions and events. Our highly experienced exhibition team can help you manage the entire exhibition planning process, from site selection, design, logistics, event management and print services.

We offer a broad range of educational resources, bespoke models and world-class manuscripts and artefacts to deliver a highly creative and professional “museum-style” experience for visitors.

Delivering your exhibition at a range of occasions and events including: Community events, Faith events, Conferences & Expos, Corporate Events, Islamic Awareness Events, Seminars, Outdoor events, Trade Shows, Training events, Multi City “Road Shows”, Award Ceremonies, Product or venue launches, Themed Events, Charity events, Community Funday events, and Fundraising events.

Having exhibited at over 1800 venues and attracting in excess of 1.3 million visitors over the past 17 years, Exhibition Islam has established its name as a leading pioneer in the field of Islamic exhibition development.

Our team has delivered and managed major exhibitions across the world, including locations in Denmark, Norway, Qatar, UAE, South Africa and Nigeria. Exhibition Islam has also delivered hundreds of extraordinary exhibitions at venues varying from the major exhibition centres in the United Kingdom to government, councils, training academies, corporate & banking, museums, art galleries, mosques, churches, community fairs, universities, schools, trade shows, sports stadiums and a variety of other private platforms


The information displayed by Exhibition Islam is sourced primarily from mainstream, classical Sunni sources of Quran and established, authentic books of Hadeeth. The information expressed focuses on the commonality between all Muslims.

Exhibition Islam does not debate comparative religion, nor address any sectarian or political causes. Exhibition Islam is a reputable organisation and has fostered close relations with Muslim Imams, scholars and leaders across the community.

Exhibition Islam allows you to:

  • Present the Islamic faith, history and civilisation with confidence and professionalism
  • Engage with communities to foster a better understanding of the history of Islam in Britain
  • Offer a positive and enjoyable experience for dialogue and interaction between people
  • Build a stronger communities through promotion of knowledge and tolerance
  • Create awareness about Muslim contribution to global civilisation
  • Empower future generations about the constructive legacy of Islam and Muslims.


Standard exhibitions consists of a number of themes, including:

  • Introduction to basic tenets and beliefs
  • Muslim perspective on previous Prophets
  • Life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • The Noble Quran, revelation, preservation and teachings
  • Scientific observations in the Quran
  • Status and roles of Women in Islam
  • Legacy and contribution of Islamic Science
  • History of Islam and Muslims in Britain
  • Islamic Architecture from around the globe
  • Islamic teachings on other faiths

Exhibition Islam provides the installation expertise and all the exhibition hardware including exhibition display panels, graphic systems, glass cabinets, posters, models, artwork, woodwork and all other displays associated with the exhibition.

Exhibition Islam also offers to showcase the Exhibition Islam Quran Collection, Exhibition Islam Coin Collection, Exhibition Islam Torah and Bible Collection (Special rates + T&C apply)

Legal Status

Exhibition Islam is a Registered UK Charity, – Number 1121147. Exhibition Islam is subject to strict external accounting and auditing terms under the UK Charity Laws – Charity Act 2006 and this is required to maintain strict financial controls and transparency regarding donations and projects. Exhibition Islam is audited yearly to ensure that donations and funds are being used correctly and ethically in compliance with our stated objectives of the charity to promote a greater understanding of Islam.