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Exhibition Islam is an independent, UK based exhibition provider helping you plan, deliver and manage your event. Let us know the requirement, and we will work with you to deliver your tailored exhibition experience.

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Exhibition Islam offers a range of exciting services making it easier for you organise your events.  All we need to know are your ambitions for your event and our experienced team will help you deliver your ideal event.

We offer a broad range of services that are affordable, easy to access and delivered to the highest standard. Our team work alongside professional designers, printers and exhibition hardware providers to offer you a stress-free solution to your exhibition and event management needs. With over 20 years in the field, we have the maturity and experience to help you every step of the way in creating and delivering your exhibition.


Our museum collection boasts a comprehensive collection of ancient manuscripts from across the world, ranging from China to Spain & spanning over 1400 years – the entire period of Islamic civilisation.

Mint Collection

Our coin collection showcases exquisite Islamic coinage which represents Muslim interaction with Europe for over a Millennium. Coin collections from a range a regions display just how prolific adaptable Muslim communities were to new realities.

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Exhibition Islam has published a range of leading books, magazines and leaflets on various aspects of the Islamic faith. These unique and highly informative publications can be ordered directly via our online store, or be purchase in-store at stockists across the nation. We also deliver our publications globally, and have welcome wholesale enquiries.
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Our experienced team here at Exhibition Islam provides comprehensive, responsive, high-quality, value for money design and print services to our vast range of clients. We design and print posters, flyers, indoor & outdoor banners and publications for all types of events.
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Your support is vital in enabling us to fulfil our mission. Exhibition Islam relies on funding from the public and there are many ways that you can donate to help ensure our displays and resources are provided the correct care in order to be preserved for future generations.






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