Best Practice Event Management

20 June 2018

This guide to planning events has been developed to take you through the stages of planning a safe and successful event. It combines general advice and good-practice guidance.

Annual Report 2014

09 February 2015

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2013

30 December 2013

Annual Report 2013

Exhibition Islam Brochure

21 December 2013

Introduction to Exhibition Islam services and products.

Annual Report 2012

07 January 2013

Annual Report 2012

Exhibition Islam in South Africa 2011/2012

01 February 2012

Exhibition Islam showcased an exhibition at the Souk al Ansaar in Durban, South Africa in December 2011.

Annual Report 2011

25 January 2012

2011 was a great year for Exhibition Islam, with the team launching new projects and achieving landmark targets. Read more.

Exhibition Islam in Denmark 2011

08 July 2011

Exhibition Islam hosted a 5-day exhibition at the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen in May 2011.

Muhammad (peace be upon him) permanent exhibition gallery at the ICC, London

08 July 2011

On 16th June 2011, Exhibition Islam officially opened ‘Muhammad (peace be upon him) – A Mercy to Mankind’ permanent exhibition gallery at the London Central Mosque.

Islam’s relations with other faiths exhibition 2010

25 October 2010

Exhibition Islam launched another hallmark exhibition at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Central London in June 2010, reaching out to the wider community to promote better understanding of Islam’s stance on other religions

2009 Annual Report

28 February 2010

2009 has been one of the most fascinating years in the history of Exhibition Islam, read more in our report…

Exhibition Islam in Durban, South Africa

01 February 2010

Exhibition Islam showcased a historic exhibition at the Souk Al Ansaar that was hosted at the Durban Exhibition Centre between 25th December 2009 and 3rd January 2010. The following report expounds upon the highlights of this exhibition.

Exhibition Islam Norway Report 2009

16 October 2009

The ‘Islam Exhibition’ in Oslo, Norway attracted more than 5,000 visitors over the 10 days period. The majority of visitors appreciated Exhibition Islam’s vision and service and felt that the exhibition helped them to understand a great deal more about the Islamic faith.

Cape Town, South Africa June 2009

27 July 2009

Exhibition Islam exhibited the ‘Islam Exhibition’ at the Islam Expo SA 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. The event attracted over 55,000 visitors over 4 days.

Tromso, Norway – May 2008

25 July 2009

Exhibition Islam’s first ever exhibition in Norway was hosted in the picturesque town of Tromsoe, only 500Km from the North Pole. This inspirational exhibition was a great success and helped to create a better understanding of Islam in Northern Norway.

Bi-Annual Report 2008

25 July 2009

The Spring/Summer period of 2008 has heralded the achievement of significant milestones for Exhibition Islam. In the period between January and July, Exhibition Islam hosted 38 exhibitions across the United Kingdom. In addition Exhibition Islam hosted its first exhibitions In Norway and Dubai, UAE.

Bi-Annual Report 2007

25 July 2009

This report summarises Exhibition Islam’s achievements and developments over the Summer/Autumn season, 2007.

The Islamic Contribution to Science Exhibition

25 July 2009

Islam inspires a culture of learning and striving towards the common good. Muslim scientists contributed greatly towards the advancement of science and this contribution is not widely known. From ward systems in hospital through to contributions in medicine, agriculture, maths, geography, pharmacology, agriculture, architecture and engineering and many other sciences through to the preservation of classical Greek, Egyptian and Persian works the Islamic civilisation contributed greatly to the sciences of today.

The Islamic Art Exhibition

25 July 2009

Historically, Islamic art and calligraphy has inspired many people and is seen today in many magnificent examples in mosques across the world. Exhibition Islam is working with many of the leading artists from across the world to showcase the striking and deeply moving pieces of art which have been inspired completely by deep faith in Islam.

The Quran Exhibition

25 July 2009

The Qur’an is a Divinely revealed Book which was delivered to humanity over fourteen hundred years ago by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In it, is contained a message that invites mankind to the worship of Allah alone and an instruction to adhere to the teaching Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This pioneering exhibition includes a rare display of Qur’an leaves and complete Qur’an manuscripts from all the centuries of Islam as well as illustrating the beautiful styles of calligraphy that have been used to write the Qur’an through the course of history.

The Seerah Exhibition

25 July 2009

Exhibition Islam launches a ground-breaking exhibition to highlight the reality of the Life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who Muslims believe to be the last Prophet sent by Allah to guide humanity to the message of Islam. This intriguing exhibition aims to dispel the myths surrounding the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and promises to deliver a true and precise analysis of his life and message.

The World Leading Exhibition on Islam the Religion and its History

25 July 2009

The Islam Exhibition highlights the core beliefs which are part of the Islamic faith, the message of Islam and also the rich history and contribution Islam has made to humanity. This magnificent and eye-catching exhibition whisks the visitor away to explore the origins of Islam, its tenants and how Islam continues to help shape the modern world today.