University Of Birmingham

25 August 2022

I really appreciate the support, professionalism and dedication the Islam Exhibition staff provided for our event. They were incredibly helpful and flexible to accommodate to our needs. The Exhibition was very well received by those who attended our event and provided comprehensive information on Islam covering a wide range of topics.


Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Administrator

Portsmouth Central Mosque

25 February 2018

On behalf of Portsmouth Central Mosque, I want to thank you and your team for supplying and setting up the Exhibitions for our Mosque Open Day, held on 18th February 2018. The Islamic contents and the 3D models you have supplied, together with your professional set up of the exhibitions, has been well received by all the attendees, both Muslims and Non-Muslims. We have received numerous comments from our Non-Muslim visitors, saying how impressed they were with the whole event. Your exhibitions have certainly played a part in this success for which I congratulate you. We highly recommend your exhibitions and we will certainly be using your services again for our future events.

Armani Babar

Centre Manager

Wimbledon Park Mosque

30 October 2017

Thank you, Exhibition Islam, for helping Wimbledon Park Mosque bring all the community together over what was a fantastic 6 days of engagement, collaboration and mutual understanding between all faiths and none. We had over 400 people come through the door and our visitors absolutely welcomed the exhibition with open arms, the majority of whom devoted an average of 2 hours of their time to consume all the materials and related information. The 300-year-old Quran was a special highlight for everyone. As well as thanking the Mosque for organising the event some of the words used to describe the exhibition included ‘interesting, fascinating, amazing, peaceful, awesome, kind, super and insightful’. We also managed to raise over £2000 for a local Neurodisability hospital. We also had over 300 children visit who tested our Imam with lots of great questions. Exhibition Islam enabled our team to not only inform the wider community about Islam but equally importantly acted as a catalyst to build new relationships and make new friends. We wish to congratulate Umar (Ansari) and the event management team for their professionalism, efficiency and support throughout this experience. We look forward to working with you again very soon.

Talat Malik

Event Organiser


20 October 2017

I would like to compliment Umar Ansari for the excellent service, invaluable support and professionalism provided before and during our event in London. His ability to help quickly exceeded our expectations. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended – we look forward to working with Exhibition Islam again in the future.


Event Manager

Kings College Hospital

13 July 2017

It was indeed a heartfelt pleasure meeting you and I’m really glad that we enlisted your company for the exhibition. The calligraphy and showcase displaying articles made a huge impact.



Molesey Muslim Foundation

12 June 2017

The exhibition was fantastic and it was a very successful event from all aspects for us, and I just want to take the opportunity to say that you have a brilliant display and it’s hard not to be amazed by the facts and the artefacts. Thank you for the making our day a success we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Molesey Muslim Foundation


Enfield Islamic Centre

03 March 2017

Exhibition Islam provided us with invaluable support in planning and conducting our Mosque Open Day. The advice provided by the Exhibition Islam team gave us the confidence needed to host our event. The Exhibition Islam team was refreshingly professional and their charges were very reasonable (and in some departments, unbeatable). The unique artefacts and models they showcased made a great impact on our visitors and the event itself met our expectations and, in many respects, exceeded them. We would like to thank Umar Ansari and his entire team for a great service and we look forward to working with them again in the future. 

Muhi Deen

University of Surrey Islamic Society

24 February 2017

Exhibition Islam were very good as they co-operated with us, helped us set up the exhibition and were on time to set up and pack up. They are very efficient and their models are remarkable.

Amaad Alam

Public Health England – Muslim Network

27 January 2017

Many thanks to the Exhibition Islam team – the exhibits and posters really brought our event to life and created a real buzz with employees and passers-by.

Abdul Ghafoor

Dudley Mosque

16 January 2017

This event has brought the community together and I thank everyone for their support and for taking time to visit. Not only the 1000 or so people who came to see it but also the many more they will tell in their homes, schools, places of work and places of worship. One of the best comments I heard from a visitor was that, ‘it’s so much like the Bible…’. Overall I am pleased with the level of interest shown by local people which exceeded our expectations. 

Mohammed Aurangzeb

Bishops of Dudley

16 January 2017

I think it is really great that the central mosque brought to Dudley a very informative, a very educational, a very well put together exhibition on Islam. Members of the local community were welcomed and greeted very well and the organisers were happy to answer to any questions that visitors had. There really was a sense of sharing an understanding of contemporary Islam. There was a real emphasis on a thirst for peace 

Rt Revd Graham Usher

James Elliman Academy

16 January 2017

On 19th October, Year 3 had a most enjoyable visit to the Stoke Poges Mosque. We had a very warm welcome and the children took part in a range of activities including early morning snacks, dressing up in special clothes, themed quizzes and puzzles and a guided visit to the Islamic display in the Mosque. The exhibition led to lots of questions and discussions both at the exhibition and back at school. A very interesting and enjoyable visit!

Mrs C Walker

Barclays Muslim Forum

16 January 2017

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you and your team did to make our event run so well. Everything turned out perfectly with a great selection of displays and the seamless transition between exhibition themes. Our executives are very happy with how it went and we’ve had feedback from all the visitors and staff that this was the best exhibition hosted the Barclays Muslim Forum. It’s definitely raised the bar, so now the pressures on to plan next year’s event!

Imran Beg

Kings Cross Mela

16 January 2017

I just wanted to send a quick note to personally thank your team for their professionalism and hard work. We faced the daunting task of putting one of the largest street events in London and I can honestly say across the board that you continue to have one of the best teams we have worked with. Your kit is also of the highest level and maintained to a very high standard this and is a credit to the team. We will definitely be recommending you in the future therefore hopefully we will get to work with your team


Al Madinah Mosque, Brighton

12 May 2015

I would like to say big Thank You for your contribution to our open day, thanks to Exhibition Islam we had a very successful and professional open day. Inshallah we would love to repeat it in the future. 

Alekber Yumer

Ernst & Young LLP

02 September 2013

Exhibition Islam acted as a key partner in hosting a successful EY Eid Celebration 2013. As the focal point, the exhibition was warmly received and praised in creating an engaging atmosphere filled with detailed knowledge and was presented in a friendly and interactive fashion for Muslims and non Muslim alike. Attendees commented on the high quality of the exhibition stands, combined with the interactive displays and beautiful life size photographs such as the Mecca pop out and hand written Quaranic versus. I personally would like to extend congratulations and thanks to Umar (Ansari) and the EI team for there professionalism and guidance in helping put together EY’s marquee Muslim event. We very much look forward to working with you again. 

Zieshan Afzal

Kings College Hospital

27 August 2013

Thank you for all the arrangement of Exhibition Islam at King’s College Hospital. We all did a wonderful job by organising the King’s Eid Event and inviting the whole hospital. I want to express my immense gratitude to you and your colleague for making the event successful. The Exhibition Islam was one of the highlight of the event and your team have been very instrumental during the organising and managing of the event. I really applaud that. It was a pleasure to see so many hospital colleagues and some patients turning up in the boardroom that we’re truly delighted to share our joy of Eid. It is through our conduct, our behaviour and words of wisdom that the event became so successful, promoting harmony and equality. 

Dr.Asif Iqbal

Loughborough University ISOC

08 April 2013

Having worked with Exhibition Islam twice now, I can wholeheartedly say they are professional, committed and provide a great service. The Exhibition itself is fantastic, with a wide range of artefacts and items that one would expect to see at a museum! They also provide great help and support in how to use the Exhibition to give effective Dawah, would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking to try and educate people about Islam!

Easa Saad


12 August 2013

Jazākallāhu khairan Masha-Allāh you are one of the best teams I have worked with. May Allāh make this a fruitful endeavor Insha-Allāh, ameen.

Project for Danish Translation of “The Islam Guide

Loughborough University ISOC

08 April 2013

Having worked with Exhibition Islam twice now, I can wholeheartedly say they are professional, committed and provide a great service. The Exhibition itself is fantastic, with a wide range of artefacts and items that one would expect to see at a museum! They also provide great help and support in how to use the Exhibition to give effective Dawah, would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking to try and educate people about Islam!

Easa Saad

HMP Glenochil

08 April 2013

Some time ago I came across the publication titled ‘The Islam Guide’. I was most impressed with this book. The quality of the design, printing and content is superb – certainly one of the best English language books that I have come across. I am writing to you to ask if you possibly provide me with information regarding your other publication materials/publications which you produce. I am currently the librarian here at HMP Glenochil, so you will understand that my interest is not just a personal one. Please accept my thanks for any assistance that you can give. Was-Salamu’Alaikum 


General Public

03 December 2012

Assalamoalaikum wrwb! I have attended your exhibition today at West Ealing and alhmdulillAllah I was very inspired by the beautiful work which you brothers have prepared for the people to know the true message of Islam, may Allah swt accept all of your efforts, ameen.


Stoke on Trent

05 July 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you from the whole team in Stoke on Trent, MashaAllah. What an amazing event! Exhibition Islam- Stoke on Trent set out to raise awareness about Islam, tackle some of the misconceptions and bring together people of different communities in order to begin to overcome ignorance and prejudices. We aimed to create an open, welcoming atmosphere where people could explore, learn about Islam and were free to ask the real questions that concerned them about Islamic beliefs, practices and culture. Your support and continued communication, from start to finish, was instrumental in the success of this venture, allowing us to hold such an event of this scale and reach out to the wider non-Muslim community. Your expert advice and guidance was invaluable in ensuring the events success. Exhibition Islam’s professional approach, detailed knowledge and ability to tailor the exhibition materials to our needs guaranteed that our visitors had an enriching experience and left them wanting to find out more about the Deen of Islam. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from both the Muslim and non Muslim community and left visitors asking for the event to be repeated. We hope inshaAllah that this can become an annual event in the calendar of Stoke on Trent. 

Mohammed Farak

Islamic Society of Lincoln

15 March 2012

“Thank you so much for all your help. Alhamdulillah the Exhibition was a fantastic experience and we all really benefited. A lot of non-Muslims attended and were really interested in the information. Many people commented how professional the Exhibition was and the displays were fantastic.” 

Dr. Zubair

Al-Thaqafiyah Magazine

16 February 2012

Exhibition Islam’s curators have worked diligently to bring into the collection, everyday copies of the Qur’an that not only enhanced the quality of the collection but also told the story of its preservation.The voluminous 585 of big size and beautiful pages show images of the various manuscripts written in broiled Arabic calligraphy in its various forms throughout more than 14 centuries.A great deal of research has gone into this book… (An Aesthetic Account of the Preservation of a Well-Guarded Book)

Dr. Ahmad ibn Saifuddin

The Islamic Quarterly

16 February 2012

 The overall visual effect is absolutely stunning… somehow, the publishers have managed to keep it down to less than half that of the comparable works, thereby enabling ordinary Muslims to afford a magnificently illustrated and thoroughly researched history of Qur’anic calligraphy. Those who patiently waited have now been well-rewarded with what seems destined to become a standard work on the subject, essential for every Muslim’s library. (The Islamic Quarterly, Third Quarter 1432/2011 —— Volume 55 Number 3) 

Ali Abd al-Malik

Islam Online

08 February 2012

By implementing the latest exhibition resources and technological advances in methods of display, they take a unique and revolutionary approach to developing environments that are accessible to people regardless of cultural, political or economic background.This exceptional exhibition combines impressive educational displays, multimedia presentations, unique sculpted artifacts and interactive models developed specifically for the exhibition and an exquisite and historic collection of Qur’anic and other faith manuscripts and antiques. “Muhammad (peace be upon him) – A Mercy to Mankind” is a fantastic contribution and revolutionary exhibition that presents an insight into representations of Islam in the future. Exhibition Islam is an exemplary organization in Britain, through their professional approach to campaigning for promoting tolerance and understanding of Islam they have managed not only to engage the British Muslim community but the wider population, offering hope for the flourishing prospect of representing Islam in the UK.

Alia Raffia Ullah


08 February 2012

I feel so proud of the developments Muslims have made in Britain. This exhibition provides a sense of identity and is a great opportunity for my children to learn about their religion. I want to congratulate Exhibition Islam for this experience.

Sadiya Ahmed

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, UK

28 November 2011

Greetings of Peace. I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to Exhibition Islam at the London Central Mosque. Liz and I enjoyed our visit very much and found the exhibition very enlightening. I very much appreciated the respectful way with which the exhibition itself and your explanation were delivered. I hope we may meet on another occasion. With all best wishes. 

Maureen Goodman


13 June 2011

As Salamu’Alaykum to you all. The Book : THE ISLAM GUIDE I just seen it, a friend showed me his copy he bought. He first saw it in Stockport Library – Ma-sha-Allah its an excellent: format, relevant essential info, presentation and publishing is super . well done WS Afzal Cheshire



15 December 2010

Hi I have just received my copy of your large tome on the Qu’ran and it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen – and Allah willing – I will treasure all my life…. Kenrick Somerset