A Journey through the Islamic Faith

A Journey through the Islamic Faith


Box of 54 booklets

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A Journey through the Islamic Faith 2nd Edition is now released and on sale. This book introduces some of the main achievements of Muslim interaction with Europe, as well as the historical successes by Muslims scientists and scholars that have made a positive and long-lasting impact on the current modern era of science and technology. There are 18 chapters in the book, covering a variety of topics including Who are Muslims?, Women in Islam, Jesus in Islam and much more. A Journey through Islam is written in a simple, yet informative, factual and concise manner to deliver a comprehensive summary of the Islamic faith, it is sure to appeal to all readers. The 2nd Edition includes extra features such as QR Codes that link individual chapters to an interactive website. A Journey through the Islamic Faith is a booklet for free distribution only. 1 box contains 54 booklets. Each box is sold for a total of £45.00 plus £15 postage and packaging. When you purchase 1 quantity from this page, you are agreeing to purchase 1 box (i.e.54) books; these books are not sold individually and not available to resale. When you click the ‘Add to basket’ tab, your order will total up to £60 in the ‘My basket’ option. Please continue to complete your order.


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